TSM ENHANCED started in 2002 by Steve Nelson former crew chief for Jeremy Payne.  Jeremy who has now gone on to race late model for Terry Phillip Motorsports. TSM ENHNACED remains intensely focused on design, customer relations and winning. Our shock technology is developed through testing with great drivers.  We have a close relationship with customers and engineers at Bilstein allowing us to take your shock program to the next level.  TSM ENHANCED can re-valve shocks to compliment your chassis and driving style, to keep you ahead of the competition. TSM ENHANCED custom valve shocks have accumulated many wins in the last 16 years.  Now you can purchase these shocks that have been used to win today.  The shocks that we use are a Bilstein based shock and use no standard valvings.  We can rebuild  any Bilstein shock that is produced and can valve that to anything your racing desire needs.

         I, Steve Nelson have produced many winners by building race cars and custom suspensions.  I have been working on race cars for the past 27 years and I would like to bring you the same knowledge Jeremy Payne, Peyton Taylor, Jeff Taylor, Kenny Johnson, Kyle Bronson, Clay Daly, Stormy Scott and Jarrod Landers and Many other winners have used to win many modified money  races.  Tsm Enhanced has customers in many states from the far west coast to the far east coast.  We also have customers in Canada as of 2008. Not only do i produce some of the best racing shocks in the industry today i also help my customers with one on one chassis setup to help them get ahead of the competition.